shinkyo bridge 神橋

Shinkyo Bridge

Shinkyo Bridge is a symbol of Nikko’s natural beauty and historical architecture, and is a must-see for many tourists.


Outline of Shinkyo Bridge

Name: Shinkyo Bridge

Location: Sannai, Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture, at the entrance to the shrine and temple area of Nikko

Type: Bridge (vermilion-painted wooden bridge)

Historical background

Shinkyo is a bridge that symbolizes the sacred area of Nikko Toshogu Shrine and has long been respected as “the bridge for the gods to cross.

It was rebuilt in its present form in 1636 and has a history dating back to the Edo period.

In the past, only the royal family and special envoys were allowed to cross the Shinkyo Bridge, and ordinary people used the adjacent bridge to cross the river.

Structure and Features

The bridge is approximately 28 meters long and 7.4 meters wide.

It is characterized by its unique vermilion coating and its beautiful arched shape.

It has been designated as a national important cultural relics and is of great historical value.

Tourist Information

The Shinkyo Bridge is open to the public throughout the year and no entrance fee is required (except for a visit to the Nikko Toshogu Shrine).

From the vicinity of the bridge, visitors can enjoy beautiful natural and seasonal scenery.

Especially during the fall foliage season, the Shinkyo Bridge and the colorful trees in the background are a spectacular sight that attracts many tourists.

How to get there

Access from Nikko City is convenient: Take a 10-minute bus ride from Tobu Nikko Station or JR Nikko Station and get off at the Nikko Shrine and Temple District Entrance.

Known for its historical background and beautiful structure, SShinkyo Bridge is a must-see during a visit to Nikko. A visit to this bridge will allow you to experience both the nature and culture of Nikko.

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