The 6 Best Romantic Restaurants in Tokyo

Morning Sunrise Restaurant


Tokyo has the largest concentration of a wide variety of restaurants in Japan.

Most importantly, there are many restaurants where you can enjoy the perfect atmosphere for a date or other special occasion.

In this issue, we have selected six of the hottest restaurants in Tokyo!

If you have the chance to visit Tokyo, please stop by.


Night view with Tokyo Tower

Exclusive access to Tokyo Tower at a modern high-rise bar – Bar & Lounge Majestic, where you can enjoy the night view from 215 meters above the ground. French-Italian cuisine featuring fresh seafood and a wide selection of cocktails and wines.

Dining Satisfaction

French-Italian cuisine with fresh seafood was served and guests were very pleased with both the taste of the food and the view. In particular, they said that the explanations of the dishes were very detailed and that the amount of food was just right.

Service Satisfaction

Satisfaction with the service is high, with an extensive drinks menu and explanations of the wines. Attention to detail, such as keeping plates warm, is also well received.

Reactions of people I went with

Some responded that they thought it was special and perfect for a date, or that they were touched by the fact that the dessert was personalized with a message.

Dinner with a night view

Rouman-tei (Japanese restaurant)

Roman-tei Restaurant Atmosphere

A sumptuous culinary feast on a teppan stage scented with Taisho romanticism – Azabu Juban’s “Rouman-tei” offers a full teppan yaki course with Japanese black beef, lobster and other dishes.

Dining Satisfaction

For the full teppanyaki course with premium ingredients such as black beef and lobster, guests said the food and service were excellent and they had a good time.

Service Satisfaction

Some diners said the experience of sitting at the counter and having the food grilled in front of them was the best part of the meal, while others said the staff was warm and friendly.

Reactions of people I went with

They responded that the décor and atmosphere of the restaurant was lovely and that they enjoyed being able to watch their food being prepared in front of them.

Teppan Grilled Wagyu Beef

Blanc Rouge

Private rooms at Blanc Rouge

Artistic French Cuisine in the Marunouchi Station Building of Tokyo Station – “Blanc Rouge” offers French cuisine with the chef’s sense of humor and flair. Enjoy the gems of cuisine that incorporate ingredients from around the world in a European-style space with white as the base color.

Dining Satisfaction

They said everything from the appetizers to the fish and meat entrees were delicious, and they were pleased with the volume.

Service Satisfaction

The staff is very pleasant while maintaining a reasonable distance, and the ample space between the seats provides privacy, which is also a positive feature.

Reactions of people I went with

They also said that the champagne was delicious, indicating that they were satisfied not only with the beautiful food, but also with the service.

roast beef

Maison du Musee

Open seating at Maison du Musee

Artistic cuisine prepared by leading culinary experts in a Taisho-romantic Art Deco Western-style building – Omotesando’s “Maison de Musée” expresses a fusion of cuisine and art. Recommended for special occasions.

Dining Satisfaction

Some said that everything from the amuse-bouche to the after-dinner pastries were to their liking, and they liked the arrangement of the three starters.

Service Satisfaction

The atmosphere is reminiscent of the building’s history, and the lunch menu is perfect for Christmas and other special occasions.

Reactions of people I went with

Guests also commented on the atmosphere and the food, which they found very tasty, and appreciated the attentiveness of the service.

French Cuisine of Fish

Kagurazaka Shirukuya HANARE

Counter seating at Kagurazaka Shirukuya HANARE

Enjoy the rich bounty of Awaji Island in a mysterious hideaway in Iidabashi – “Kagurazaka Shirukuya HANARE” offers teppan cuisine using carefully selected ingredients from Awaji Island.

Dining Satisfaction

Customers are satisfied with the creative cuisine using carefully selected ingredients from Awaji Island, and they feel full and satisfied that they were able to eat a variety of foods because each dish is small in quantity.

Service Satisfaction

The restaurant is beautiful and provides a calm and relaxing environment for eating and drinking, which was well received.

Reactions of people I went with

People said the onion mousse and bouillabaisse were especially delicious, making it a great place for a date or anniversary.

Kagurazaka Shirukuya HANARE Course Cuisine

Yakiniku Champu

yukhoe (Korean dish of seasoned raw beef topped with an egg yolk)

At the yakiniku restaurant, a 2-minute walk from Kichijoji Station! Indulge your taste buds with rare fresh cured meats such as the famous Wagyu Yukke – At “Yakiniku Champu” you can enjoy meats carefully selected by artisans.

Dining Satisfaction

Customers say that the meat is carefully selected by artisans and that all the drinks are delicious.

Service Satisfaction

Guests said the restaurant was clean, the atmosphere was nice, and the service was excellent.

Reactions of people I went with

They were pleased with the restaurant’s stylish atmosphere, reasonable prices, and delicious food.

Yakiniku Course Cuisine

My recommendation

My personal recommendation is to enjoy Wagyu beef.

The meat with fat, called sashi, has a melt-in-your-mouth texture and is extremely delicious!

It may be difficult for a non-Japanese to eat raw beef, but yukke is also delicious!

In Japan, eggs are strictly controlled to prevent food poisoning.

There are also very complicated rules for serving raw meat in restaurants.

For example, when preparing raw meat for yukke.
A large block of beef must be prepared, each side of which must be cooked by about 1 cm, and the raw center must be served.

In addition, the cooking area must be set up exclusively for serving raw meat, and only restaurants that have passed strict inspection standards are allowed to offer this service.

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